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We’re not sure when Wamego first started dazzling crowds with its Fourth of July fireworks display, but it has been happening longer than anyone can remember. Unlike most displays, which are funded by one or two major title sponsors, Wamego’s grassroots effort creates a community-based show funded by the contributions of hundreds of donors from across the United States. The Wamego display has become known nationwide as the “finale that never ends,” and the Pyro Crew works in a carefully scripted and coordinated effort to provide a uniquely fast-paced, intense, percussive show with sky saturating action. In the course of the evening spectators will witness thousands of shells being fired. It is a tradition Wamego is proud to call theirs and attracts a loyal and growing audience from multiple states each year.


This incredible fireworks show is shot by a crew of citizen volunteers, known as our esteemed Pyro Crew. But just because they are volunteers, doesn’t mean they aren’t trained professionals. The crew includes two state licensed display operators and twelve members who have passed exams administered by the Pyrotechnic Guild International. The Pyro Crew brings over 160 years of combined experience to Wamego’s show and most of the members of the crew have been working together for more than a decade.

T-Shirt Pickup Options

T-Shirt Pickup Option 

Saturday August 29th from 9:00 AM to Noon.

Pre-ordered t-shirts can be picked up in front of Spirits of ‘76 (1201 US-24, Wamego, KS 66547). 

Note: We will make every effort to get your t-shirt(s) to you, but unfortunately we will not offer refunds on purchases.